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Azure ChatBot

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Azure ChatBot

A comprehensive development environment for designing and building enterprise-grade conversational AI

Azure Chat Bot is a comprehensive offering of software, tools, and services that accelerate the development and deployment of virtual agents for the enterprise

Azure Chat Bot is a web service that enables the development and deployment of intelligent bots, capable of natural interaction with people using a wide range of applications, such as Messenger, Skype and SMS. Based on a Microsoft cutting-edge technology stack, Azure Chat Bot is an enterprise level solution that allows developers to focus on building great experiences for their users, without having to build all the infrastructure to run them.

Azure Bot Service is a managed bot development service that helps you seamlessly connect to your users via popular channels. Pay only for messages delivered using Premium channels, which allow your bot to communicate with users within your own application or on your website.

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Build conversational AI experiences for your customers

Comprehensive development experience

A visual authoring canvas with an extensible, open-source tool set

Powered by world-class AI

High-quality natural language, speech and vision capabilities from Azure Cognitive Services

Multichannel experiences

Connection to popular channels such as telephony and Microsoft Teams with minimal code changes

Your brand, your data

Secure, responsible user experiences that extend your brand with full control of your data

Key Service Capabilities

Easy to Start

Quickly convert existing FAQ pages and documentation into a simple bot and increase sophistication over time.

Natural conversation experience

Author sophisticated, multiturn conversation designs such interruption handling, cancellations and context switching.


Get enterprise-grade security, availability, compliance and manageability backed by Azure

Multilingual, multimodal

Create bots that understand and speak multiple languages and support text and speech.


Extend your bot with prebuilt components, dialogues, and language models.

Open Source

Benefit from reusable conversational components built by the open-source community.

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