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Get closer to your customers and achieve your Business Goals

Manage all your products, teams and processes in one platform.iPog all-in-one Customer Service Management platform has all the tools required by your teams to deliver best customer service.


Manage & Track the status your leads at all stages from Entry to Conversion.


Complete Management of Orders from Stock Management till delivery to Customer.


Intuitive dashboards that accelerate real-time reports generation with accuracy

We don’t just sell CRM software

We’re here to help you implement best practices and aim to Automate Your Complete Business Activities like Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service.

Fully customizable CRM software to meet business requirements
Service Ticket Management with Customer Access Portals
Manage Customer Relationships
Sales and Marketing Automation
Lead Generation Services
Integrated Project Management
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Why iPog Customer relationship management (CRM) Is The Best Fit For Your Business?

Customer relation can either break or build your business depending on how it is handled. Now Businesses needs to manage existing customers, streamline the process, Manage all the contact information, identify potential customers, and maintain regular communication with the customers. Our CRM Software empower’s your business to capture the right deals at the right time and manage customers at all stages at ease.

iPog CRM Solution records and manages all activities and details related to Leads, Sales, and track abandonment and close rate. It helps in improving decision-making processes by businesses, curbs inefficiencies associated with customer data management, and drives revenues.

Our CRM software helps different types of businesses and organizations to build customer relationships & to streamline the process which in-turn improves customer service, which would directly reflect in increased sales, and increased profitability. With iPog CRM you can communicate with yout customers using multiple chanels like SMS, Email and other Messaging Applications.

Who needs Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software?

Customer relationship management software is relevant across many business functions and industry sectors, including the non-profit sector and membership organizations. CRM Software is needed by businesses dealing in sales, marketing and service desk irrespective of the size of business. Our customized CRM Solutions has comprehensive features to encompass every aspect of the business and to give you ROI in a very short period of time.

Advantages of Implementing CRM

Creates a Customer-Centric Focus

Helps you find every customer, contact and communication instantly
Improves post-sales service and support
Increases customer loyalty and retention

Increases Sales and Profitability

Categorises and prioritises leads
Tracks your leads from end to end
Automates your sales process
Manages your tasks and appointments

Creates a Centralised Hub with Everything in One Place

Creates total visibility that puts an end to duplication
Enhances team and cross-team collaboration
Facilitates remote work forces
Streamlines your processes by integrating the other systems you us

Provides Insight and Reporting

Accurate, detailed reports and forecasts
Customer activity insight
Management of marketing RO

Maintain healthy sales pipeline with CRM application that suits every business

iPog CRM software allows its users to opt for a fully integrated CRM application or choose from Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service modules.

Reliable Insights

Detailed business insights help upper management and stakeholders make informed decisions that prove profitable in the long run.

Better customer relationships

Retain customers faster and drive business growth by offering them exceptional customer service and experience.

Effective collaboration

Instead of using multiple software systems in bits and pieces, make your teams more productive with a single CRM application.

Highly Effective Teams

Forecasting sales by identifying deal sizes help sales teams prioritize accounts and create aligning strategies to close deals faster.

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