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Web API Developemnet

Web API Development is a phase in which the application programming interface (API) is designed for both the web server and the web browser. iPog is a leading company in the development of APIs providing exceptionally appreciable and high-quality web API services.

Application Programming Interface is a set of protocols and a tool for building software application. It specifies how software component should interact. There are many different types of APIs for operating systems, applications or websites. API typically allows an external system to interact with the given system. iPog Software Solutions Pvt.Ltd. in Chennai has web application development team who are excellent in scraping the previous work and creates complex data migration where old coded has upgraded with a new interface through API driven development

Through our API driven technologies, developers get excited to create modular code by providing all the building blocks which will reduce the complication in website. We are here to interact with different level of API and make different component to interact with API to access business logic. We are one among corporate company in chennai to design an API with our data model, flow of logic, framework or CMS platform for the business. To communicate with API services we use HTTP for front end website, JSON to transfer a data. We are also best in development and maintenance of front end client and API services which make closer interaction among customer and very easy to integrate. We use framework such as Codeigniter, cakephp, yii for our API driven development.

WEB API Services

Custom API development

Our Tailored API Solutions include developing, integration, production, documentation, deployment, and ongoing support and maintenance of APIs.

Social media API integration

We excel in integrating API solutions with any social media platform that provides API services.

Cloud API integration

Our cloud API services provide authentic integration between on-site and cloud apps through REST and SOAP API integration.

Google Maps API integration

We help leverage the most relevant mapping solutions, including the Google Maps Platform and other leading services to our customers, to fulfill their business requirements.

Payment Gateway API integration

Payment Gateway Integration is the key factor for all online transactions. We have experience in the alignment and incorporation of user-friendly websites for internet purchases in corporate markets.

Web API Development process

We present the current product life cycle for finishing results from development to production through the site. Here’s the application development process that we use to create backend web applications based on our clients’ shared requirements.

Gather and analyze client requirement

We get to know our client
Apprehend clients requirement
Proposing the appropriate solution


We get to know our client
Working on a wireframe for each screen
Designing the application


Start Coding app
Layout main sections
Gather feedback from the client


Test the application to identify flaws
Make sure app is 100% bug-free
Get approved from the client


Deploy the application to the client’s server

Benefits of Web API development

With the advancement in APIs’e use over the last few years, attempts to run and manage several applications for various purposes are no longer required all at. ..

Secured API design

The Web API architecture calls for a secure API design that guarantees that your data and knowledge are secure on both the server and the terminal.

Merging of application

Through the effective implementation of the API Web, several programmes may be integrated into the website or the application itself.

Accessible by HTTP clients

These RESTful Web APIs are open to several HTTP clients such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux, iPhone, iPad, and WPF App.

Descriptive header

The Web API has meaningful and informative headers that suggest the content type, store information, etc.

Support MVC

It supports MVC functionality such as filter, action outcomes, model binders, controllers, etc, which makes it robust and simpler.

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